2016 notes on trying to build on minwin. See older notes from Thomas Chust below.

  1. Build must be done from cmd.exe. It doesn't work from mingw shell
  2. Add to PATH:
    set PATH=%PATH%;c:\MinGW\bin;c:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin
  3. make PREFIX=c:\chicken-iup PLATFORM=mingw-msys

With thanks to Thomas Chust, here is the build overview.

* Install a fresh Windows XP and all available system updates in a virtual machine

* Add C:/Programme/MinGW/bin, C:/Programme/CHICKEN/bin and C:/Programme/IUP to the system path

* Download and unzip mingw-get 0.1 alpha 5 into C:/Programme/MinGW

* Run `mingw-get install mingw-developer-toolkit mingw32-gcc msys-bash` in a Windows shell

* Download and unzip CHICKEN 4.6.3

* Run `make PLATFORM=mingw-msys PREFIX=C:/Programme/CHICKEN` and `make PLATFORM=mingw-msys PREFIX=C:/Programme/CHICKEN install` in an MSYS shell inside the CHICKEN source directory.

* Download and unzip ffcall 1.10

* Run `./configure --prefix=C:/Programme/CHICKEN`, `make` and `make install` in an MSYS shell in the ffcall source directory

* Download and unzip IM 3.6.3, CD 5.4.1 and IUP 3.3 into C:/Programme/IUP

* Delete all Lua related files from C:/Programme/IUP and C:/Programme/IUP/include — who needs lua if you can have CHICKEN? ;-)

* Checkout the trunk version of the IUP egg from

* Run `CSC_OPTIONS='-IC:/Programme/IUP/include -LC:/Programme/IUP' chicken-install -D no-library-checks` in an MSYS shell in the IUP egg source directory

* Run `csi -R iup -e '(let ([dlg (dialog #:title "Test" (button "Push me!" #:action print))]) (show dlg #:modal? #t))'` to verify the installation works