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Integration of chicken scheme, iup and canvas draw into an easy to use windows installer.

NOTE Licenses for the individual packages can be found in the source or at the home sites for the code.

NOTE: Feb 1, 2014. I'm trying to create a new version of chicken-iup. I'll update 2014_build_notes


New release 03/25/2011. Details below.


  1. Install Mingw to the default location C:\MinGW
  2. Run the chicken-iup installer. Ensure the destination path is C:\chicken (it defaults to C:\chicken\chicken-iup in the previous release)

Downloads You can download the chicken-iup installer for Windows here;

To see a window with some widgets run chicken-iup and type in:

(load "../examples/sample.scm")

This chicken-iup site is using Fossil Source Code Management Software. To download older versions of the installer or explore the files log in as anonymous and browse "Files" or "Branches".

Some eggs included: apropos, trace, regex, regex-literals, regex-case, big-chicken, pdf, format, sql-de-lite, coops, test, slime, sqlite3, iup, canvas-draw

Sources used in putting together the integrated chicken-iup package include:

Known issues

You may get this error on exiting your app: "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way." As far as I know the error is annoying but harmless and is related to having removed the LUA files from the build. It should be fixed in a future release.

Installation notes

Additional documentation docs

Matt Welland Put this together.