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20 ticket changes by user mrwellan occurring around 2011-10-26 09:15:46.

09:47 • New ticket [47f1907c8d] Ability to clean and re-run from a specified test. (user: mrwellan) [details]
09:46 • New ticket [fef55fc483] Dashboard fails to detect all db changes and user must hit refresh button. (user: mrwellan) [details]
09:45 • New ticket [313e7cec79] Word wrap needed on dashboard run fields.. (user: mrwellan) [details]
09:44 • New ticket [0b234aeea6] Need word wrap in description field in test control panel. (user: mrwellan) [details]
09:43 • New ticket [1581e22677] Need ability to dump config files. (user: mrwellan) [details]
09:42 • New ticket [be3793a9f1] -list-runs not listing steps. (user: mrwellan) [details]
09:42 • New ticket [e5a3015eeb] Remove runs not removing DELETED tests. (user: mrwellan) [details]
09:32 • Closed ticket [419216f4f9]: All paths should be relative to the link tree plus 2 other changes (user: mrwellan) [details]
15:05 • New ticket [6e15e1a4ca] . (user: mrwellan) [details]
15:09 • New ticket [6dc452ab59] eztests not handling exit codes correctly. (user: mrwellan) [details]
16:07 • New ticket [1975d44437] Abort if runs dir is the same as tests dir. (user: mrwellan) [details]
14:40 • New ticket [c8a3a7d544] Added debugging hints to documentation. (user: mrwellan) [details]
14:36 • New ticket [7a8b788d7f] Get previous run path. Add as param: -get-prev-run-path. (user: mrwellan) [details]
14:35 • New ticket [1565929e9c] Add -result value for test or steps to record a result (beyond state and status values). (user: mrwellan) [details]
14:34 • New ticket [54d6aa984d] waitonitem - wait on a prior item with same item path before running. (user: mrwellan) [details]
14:32 • New ticket [fed2f5661c] Add ability to set vars from command line -setvars VAR1=val1,VAR2=val2 etc.. (user: mrwellan) [details]
14:31 • New ticket [88e22275c1] Add ability to launch tests, remove runs etc. from the dashboard. (user: mrwellan) [details]
14:31 • New ticket [f5de13caaa] Improve command line run listings. (user: mrwellan) [details]
14:30 • New ticket [acab36172b] Add logging of memory consumption and space in /tmp. (user: mrwellan) [details]
14:28 • Ticket [ec82b4896d] WAIVER support status still Open with 3 other changes (user: mrwellan) [details]