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20 most recent ticket changes

09:01 • New ticket [311d767396] Running list runs in tests directory causes crash. (user: matt) [details]
12:15 • New ticket [b99251aaf8] megatest.csh / can set invalid variables that cause shell to error. (user: bjbarcla) [details]
21:41 • New ticket [8c972842e9] a test which results in "zero items" state/status will cause runner process to stop, even though tests which may run and are not dependent on this zero items test are ready to run. they are left dangling.. (user: matt) [details]
23:11 • New ticket [6cae932a9d] make NUMTESTS=30 bigrun3 RUNNAME=stress_test003 in tests/fdktestqa/testqa never finishes.. (user: matt) [details]
20:16 • New ticket [e27c06a338] Crash on migration of target to new target pattern. (user: matt) [details]
15:42 • New ticket [69fe6d4e23] Remove tests from tree in Runs tab when they are removed. (user: jmoon18) [details]
22:39 • Ticket [88707d778c] Inconsistent naming of server log files, sometimes includes pid, sometimes not status still Open with 5 other changes (user: matt) [details]
22:39 • New ticket [88707d778c]. (user: matt) [details]
16:29 • New ticket [855c60b695] freeze column width of matrix widget in run summary tab. (user: bjbarcla) [details]
16:26 • New ticket [fa12c1f200] in run summary tab, ability to remove text from cells matrix widget. (user: bjbarcla) [details]
16:24 • New ticket [188f74ee68] When run is removed, update hierarchy widget to delete run. (user: bjbarcla) [details]
16:23 • New ticket [12dfb44595] add timestamp to items in server logs. (user: bjbarcla) [details]
16:21 • New ticket [c21083ffba] client abort when server version does not match. (user: bjbarcla) [details]
16:42 • New ticket [944da29a23] in run tab: state filter + status filter result in wrong result. (user: bjbarcla) [details]
16:25 • Ticket [6606a69c0a] Megatest status rollup for test with items status still Open with 3 other changes (user: bjbarcla) [details]
14:05 • New ticket [67b54f0b1c] Finer grained job limit control. (user: jmoon18) [details]
18:00 • New ticket [514327decf] "misc" "default" and "%: appear in hierarchy widget of Run Control panel. THey shoulod not. (user: bjbarcla) [details]
16:42 • New ticket [9f9c407694] Please enable section creation to be effective without any variables in config files. (user: bjbarcla) [details]
09:14 • Ticket [6606a69c0a] Megatest status rollup for test with items status still Open with 3 other changes (user: tyardeni) [details]
18:00 • Ticket [6606a69c0a]: 4 changes (user: tyardeni) [details]