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20 most recent ticket changes

17:45 • Ticket [8179e10483] refdb: set appends changes but does not replace status still Open with 5 other changes (user: tyardeni) [details]
17:44 • New ticket [8179e10483]. (user: tyardeni) [details]
17:42 • Ticket [0bdc2f3f8f] refdb: set does not create sxml files if refdb dir is new status still Open with 5 other changes (user: tyardeni) [details]
17:39 • New ticket [0bdc2f3f8f]. (user: tyardeni) [details]
13:59 • New ticket [5a2549bc82] Remove support for db and monitor directory control and improve lt support.. (user: matt) [details]
17:29 • New ticket [09f81a879a] Run Summary tab: Need to toggle run selection 3 times to see main pane update to new run. (user: bjbarcla) [details]
15:55 • New ticket [503763b420] #{get foo} => fails ungracefully (needs message for missing param). (user: mrwellan) [details]
15:03 • New ticket [a926703df5] ezstep exiting 6 transitions status to "FAIL". Expectation is a transition to status "SKIP". (user: bjbarcla) [details]
14:57 • New ticket [aa2b3ffab0] dashboard crashes when clicking on "Run Details" tab. (user: mrwellan) [details]
17:07 • New ticket [3699db2b31] test vacuously "PASS"es if missing ezsteps / setup section. (user: mrwellan) [details]
22:45 • New ticket [8ea9b6e119] deadlock and mutex failure. (user: matt) [details]
23:02 • Closed ticket [fea7457de3]: Add last file a variable came from in -show-config and -show-runconfig plus 4 other changes (user: matt) [details]
23:00 • Fixed ticket [a2af407353]: Servers don't exit sometimes when moving to new version plus 5 other changes (user: matt) [details]
22:58 • Fixed ticket [d1fef70a52]: non-repeatable crash plus 5 other changes (user: matt) [details]
22:54 • Fixed ticket [29ddd1af26]: Exit code broken plus 5 other changes (user: matt) [details]
22:53 • New ticket [d5640a8cc1] Finish launch:recover-test or refactor launch:execute to support running with no master mtest process. (user: matt) [details]
22:48 • Fixed ticket [6c7ad146dd]: INFO: (0) Caching megatest.config in /mfs/matt/data/megatest/ext-tests/links/v1.61/01/ww19.6a2/.megatest.cfg <= WRONG! plus 4 other changes (user: matt) [details]
22:47 • Fixed ticket [d33ba94e7e]: Communication to server failing with message: WARNING: Communication failed, trying call to http-transport:client-api-send-receive again. plus 2 other changes (user: matt) [details]
22:20 • Fixed ticket [0f55cb12af]: INFO: (1) Caching testconfig for test2 in /mfs/matt/data/megatest/ext-tests/links/1.61/01/ww18.6/test2///.testconfig plus 2 other changes (user: matt) [details]
22:19 • Ticket [0f55cb12af]: 4 changes (user: matt) [details]