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;; Copyright 2006-2011, Matthew Welland.
;;  This program is made available under the GNU GPL version 2.0 or
;;  greater. See the accompanying file COPYING for details.
;;  This program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the

(require-library iup)
(import (prefix iup iup:))

;; (use canvas-draw)

(use sqlite3 srfi-1 posix regex regex-case srfi-69)

(import (prefix sqlite3 sqlite3:))

(include "margs.scm")
(include "keys.scm")
(include "items.scm")
(include "db.scm")
(include "configf.scm")
(include "process.scm")
(include "launch.scm")
(include "runs.scm")
(include "gui.scm")

(if (not (setup-for-run))
      (print "Failed to find megatest.config, exiting") 
      (exit 1)))

(define *db* (open-db))

(define toplevel #f)
(define dlg      #f)
(define max-test-num 0)
(define *keys*   (get-keys   *db*))
(define dbkeys   (map (lambda (x)(vector-ref x 0))
		      (append *keys* (list (vector "runname" "blah")))))
(define *header*       #f)
(define *allruns*     '())
(define *buttondat*    (make-hash-table)) ;; <run-id color text test run-key>
(define *alltestnames* (make-hash-table)) ;; build a minimalized list of test names
(define *alltestnamelst* '())
(define *searchpatts*  (make-hash-table))
(define *num-runs*      10)
(define *num-tests*     15)
(define *start-run-offset*  0)
(define *start-test-offset* 0)

(define (message-window msg)
     (iup:label msg #:margin "40x40")))))

(define (iuplistbox-fill-list lb items . default)
  (let ((i 1)
	(selected-item (if (null? default) #f (car default))))
    (iup:attribute-set! lb "VALUE" (if selected-item selected-item ""))
    (for-each (lambda (item)
		(iup:attribute-set! lb (number->string i) item)
		(if selected-item
		    (if (equal? selected-item item)
			(iup:attribute-set! lb "VALUE" item))) ;; (number->string i))))
		(set! i (+ i 1)))

(define (pad-list l n)(append l (make-list (- n (length l)))))

(define (examine-test button-key) ;; run-id run-key origtest)
  (let ((buttondat     (hash-table-ref/default *buttondat* button-key #f)))
    ;; (print "buttondat: " buttondat)
    (if (and buttondat
	     (vector buttondat)
	     (vector-ref buttondat 0)
	     (> (vector-ref buttondat 0) 0)
	     (vector? (vector-ref buttondat 3))
	     (> (vector-ref (vector-ref buttondat 3) 0) 0))
	(let* ((run-id       (vector-ref buttondat 0))
	       (origtest     (vector-ref buttondat 3))
	       (run-key      (vector-ref buttondat 4))
	       (test         (db:get-test-info *db*
					       (db:test-get-testname  origtest)
					       (db:test-get-item-path origtest)))
	       (rundir       (db:test-get-rundir test))
	       (testname     (db:test-get-testname   test))
	       (itempath     (db:test-get-item-path test))
	       (testfullname (runs:test-get-full-path test))
	       (currstatus   (db:test-get-status test))
	       (currstate    (db:test-get-state  test))
	       (currcomment  (db:test-get-comment test))
	       (host         (db:test-get-host test))
	       (cpuload      (db:test-get-cpuload test))
	       (runtime      (db:test-get-run_duration test))
	       (logfile      (conc (db:test-get-rundir test) "/" (db:test-get-final_logf test)))
	       (viewlog      (lambda (x)
			       (if (file-exists? logfile)
				   (system (conc "firefox " logfile "&"))
				   (message-window (conc "File " logfile " not found")))))
	       (xterm        (lambda (x)
			       (if (directory-exists? rundir)
				   (system (conc "cd " rundir ";xterm -T " (string-translate testfullname "()" "  ") "&"))
				   (message-window  (conc "Directory " rundir " not found")))))
	       (newstatus    currstatus)
	       (newstate     currstate)
	       (self         #f))
	  ;;  (test-set-status! db run-id test-name state status itemdat)
	  (set! self 
		   (iup:frame (iup:label run-key))
		   (iup:frame (iup:label (conc "TESTNAME:\n" testfullname) #:expand "YES")))
		  (iup:frame #:title "Actions" #:expand "YES"
			     (iup:hbox ;; the actions box
			      (iup:button "View Log"    #:action viewlog  #:expand "YES")
			      (iup:button "Start Xterm" #:action xterm  #:expand "YES")))
		  (iup:frame #:title "Set fields"
			       (iup:vbox ;; the state
				(iup:label "STATE:" #:size "30x")
				(let ((lb (iup:listbox #:action (lambda (val a b c)
								  ;; (print val " a: " a " b: " b " c: " c)
								  (set! newstate a))
						       #:editbox "YES"
						       #:expand "YES")))
				  (iuplistbox-fill-list lb
			       (iup:vbox ;; the status
				(iup:label "STATUS:" #:size "30x")
				(let ((lb (iup:listbox #:action (lambda (val a b c)
								  (set! newstatus a))
						       #:editbox "YES"
						       #:value currstatus
						       #:expand "YES")))
				  (iuplistbox-fill-list lb
							(list "PASS" "FAIL" "n/a")
			      (iup:hbox (iup:label "Comment:")
					(iup:textbox #:action (lambda (val a b)
								(set! currcomment b))
						     #:value currcomment 
						     #:expand "YES"))
			      (iup:button "Apply"
					  #:expand "YES"
					  #:action (lambda (x)
						     (test-set-status! *db* run-id testname newstate newstatus itempath currcomment)))
			      (iup:hbox (iup:button "Apply and close"
						    #:expand "YES"
						    #:action (lambda (x)
							       (test-set-status! *db* run-id testname newstate newstatus itempath currcomment)
							       (iup:destroy! self)))
					(iup:button "Cancel and close"
						    #:expand "YES"
						    #:action (lambda (x)
							       (iup:destroy! self))))
	  (iup:show self)

(define (colors-similar? color1 color2)
  (let* ((c1 (map string->number (string-split color1)))
	 (c2 (map string->number (string-split color2)))
	 (delta (map (lambda (a b)(abs (- a b))) c1 c2)))
    (null? (filter (lambda (x)(> x 3)) delta))))

(define (update-rundat patt numruns)
  (let* ((allruns     (db-get-runs *db* patt numruns *start-run-offset*))
	 (header      (db:get-header allruns))
	 (runs        (db:get-rows   allruns))
	 (result      '())
	 (maxtests    0))
    (for-each (lambda (run)
		(let* ((run-id   (db-get-value-by-header run header "id"))
		       (tests    (db-get-tests-for-run *db* run-id))
		       (key-vals (get-key-vals *db* run-id)))
		  (if (> (length tests) maxtests)
		      (set! maxtests (length tests)))
		  (set! result (cons (vector run tests key-vals) result))))
    (set! *header*  header)
    (set! *allruns* (reverse result))

(define (update-labels uidat)
  (let* ((rown    0)
	 (lftcol (vector-ref uidat 0))
	 (maxn   (- (vector-length lftcol) 1)))
    (let loop ((i 0))
      (iup:attribute-set! (vector-ref lftcol i) "TITLE" "")
      (if (<= i rown)
	  (loop (+ i 1))))
    (for-each (lambda (name)
		(if (<= rown maxn)
		    (let ((labl (vector-ref lftcol rown)))
		      (iup:attribute-set! labl "TITLE" name)))
		(set! rown (+ 1 rown)))
	      (drop *alltestnamelst* *start-test-offset*))))

(define (update-buttons uidat numruns numtests)
  (let* ((runs        (if (> (length *allruns*) numruns)
			  (take-right *allruns* numruns)
			  (pad-list *allruns* numruns)))
	 (lftcol      (vector-ref uidat 0))
	 (tableheader (vector-ref uidat 1))
	 (table       (vector-ref uidat 2))
	 (coln        0))
    (update-labels uidat)
     (lambda (rundat)
       (if (not rundat) ;; handle padded runs
	   ;;                ;; id run-id testname state status event-time host cpuload diskfree uname rundir item-path run-duration
	   (set! rundat (vector (make-vector 20 #f) '() (map (lambda (x) "") *keys*))));; 3)))
       (let* ((run      (vector-ref rundat 0))
	      (testsdat (vector-ref rundat 1))
	      (key-val-dat (vector-ref rundat 2))
	      (run-id   (db-get-value-by-header run *header* "id"))
	      (testnames (delete-duplicates (append *alltestnamelst* 
						    (map test:test-get-fullname testsdat)))) ;; (take (pad-list testsdat numtests) numtests))
	      (key-vals (append key-val-dat
				(list (let ((x (db-get-value-by-header run *header* "runname")))
					(if x x "")))))
	      (run-key  (string-intersperse key-vals "\n")))
	 ;; (run-ht  (hash-table-ref/default alldat run-key #f)))
	 ;; fill in the run header key values
	 (let ((rown      0)
	       (headercol (vector-ref tableheader coln)))
	   (for-each (lambda (kval)
		       (let* ((labl      (vector-ref headercol rown)))
			 (if (not (equal? kval (iup:attribute labl "TITLE")))
			     (iup:attribute-set! (vector-ref headercol rown) "TITLE" kval))
			 (set! rown (+ rown 1))))

	 ;; For this run now fill in the buttons for each test
	 (let ((rown 0)
	       (columndat  (vector-ref table coln)))
	    (lambda (testname)
	      (let ((buttondat  (hash-table-ref/default *buttondat* (mkstr coln rown) #f)))
		(if buttondat
		    (let* ((test       (let ((matching (filter 
							(lambda (x)(equal? (test:test-get-fullname x) testname))
					 (if (null? matching)
					     (vector -1 -1 "" "" "" 0 "" "" 0 "" "" "" 0 "" "")
					     (car matching))))
			   ;; (test       (if real-test real-test
			   (testname   (db:test-get-testname  test))
			   (itempath   (db:test-get-item-path test))
			   (testfullname (test:test-get-fullname test))
			   (teststatus (db:test-get-status   test))
			   (teststate  (db:test-get-state    test))
			   (teststart  (db:test-get-event_time test))
			   (runtime    (db:test-get-run_duration test))
			   (buttontxt  (if (equal? teststate "COMPLETED") teststatus teststate))
			   (button     (vector-ref columndat rown))
			   (color      (case (string->symbol teststate)
					  (if (equal? teststatus "PASS") "70 249 73" "223 33 49")) ;; greenish redish
					 ((LAUNCHED)         "101 123 142")
					 ((CHECK)            "255 100 50")
					 ((REMOTEHOSTSTART)  "50 130 195")
					 ((RUNNING)          "9 131 232")
					 ((KILLREQ)          "39 82 206")
					 ((KILLED)           "234 101 17")
					 (else "192 192 192")))
			   (curr-color (vector-ref buttondat 1)) ;; (iup:attribute button "BGCOLOR"))
			   (curr-title (vector-ref buttondat 2))) ;; (iup:attribute button "TITLE")))
		;;       (if (and (equal? teststate "RUNNING")
		;; 	       (> (- (current-seconds) (+ teststart runtime)) 100)) ;; if test has been dead for more than 100 seconds, call it dead
		      (if (not (equal? curr-color color))
			  (iup:attribute-set! button "BGCOLOR" color))
		      (if (not (equal? curr-title buttontxt))
			  (iup:attribute-set! button "TITLE"   buttontxt))
		      (vector-set! buttondat 0 run-id)
		      (vector-set! buttondat 1 color)
		      (vector-set! buttondat 2 buttontxt)
		      (vector-set! buttondat 3 test)
		      (vector-set! buttondat 4 run-key)
		      (if (not (hash-table-ref/default *alltestnames* testfullname #f))
			    (hash-table-set! *alltestnames* testfullname #t)
			    (set! *alltestnamelst* (append *alltestnamelst* (list testfullname))))))
		(set! rown (+ rown 1))))
	    (drop testnames *start-test-offset*)))
	 (set! coln (+ coln 1))))

(define (mkstr . x)
  (string-intersperse (map conc x) ","))

(define (update-search x val)
  (print "Setting search for " x " to " val)
  (hash-table-set! *searchpatts* x val))

(define (make-dashboard-buttons nruns ntests keynames)
  (let* ((nkeys   (length keynames))
	 (runsvec (make-vector nruns))
	 (header  (make-vector nruns))
	 (lftcol  (make-vector ntests))
	 (controls '())
	 (lftlst  '())
	 (hdrlst  '())
	 (bdylst  '())
	 (result  '())
	 (i       0))
    ;; controls (along bottom)
    (set! controls
	   (iup:button "Quit" #:action (lambda (obj)(sqlite3:finalize! *db*)(exit)))
	   (iup:button "<-  Left" #:action (lambda (obj)(set! *start-run-offset*  (+ *start-run-offset* 1))))
	   (iup:button "Up     ^" #:action (lambda (obj)(set! *start-test-offset* (if (> *start-test-offset* 0)(- *start-test-offset* 1) 0))))
	   (iup:button "Down   v" #:action (lambda (obj)(set! *start-test-offset* (if (>= *start-test-offset* (length *alltestnamelst*))(length *alltestnamelst*)(+ *start-test-offset* 1)))))
	   (iup:button "Right ->" #:action (lambda (obj)(set! *start-run-offset*  (if (> *start-run-offset* 0)(- *start-run-offset* 1) 0))))))
    ;; create the left most column for the run key names and the test names 
    (set! lftlst (list (apply iup:vbox 
			      (map (lambda (x)		
				     (let ((res (iup:hbox
						 (iup:label x #:size "40x15" #:fontsize "10") ;;  #:expand "HORIZONTAL")
						 (iup:textbox #:size "60x15" #:fontsize "10" #:value "%" ;; #:expand "HORIZONTAL"
							      #:action (lambda (obj unk val)
									 (update-search x val))))))
				       (set! i (+ i 1))
    (let loop ((testnum  0)
	       (res      '()))
       ((>= testnum ntests)
	;; now lftlst will be an hbox with the test keys and the test name labels
	(set! lftlst (append lftlst (list (apply iup:vbox (reverse res))))))
	(let ((labl  (iup:button "" #:flat "YES" #:size "100x15" #:fontsize "10")))
	  (vector-set! lftcol testnum labl)
	  (loop (+ testnum 1)(cons labl res))))))
    (let loop ((runnum  0)
	       (keynum  0)
	       (keyvec  (make-vector nkeys))
	       (res    '()))
      (cond ;; nb// no else for this approach.
       ((>= runnum nruns) #f)
       ((>= keynum nkeys) 
	(vector-set! header runnum keyvec)
	(set! hdrlst (cons (apply iup:vbox (reverse res)) hdrlst))
	(loop (+ runnum 1) 0 (make-vector nkeys) '()))
	(let ((labl  (iup:label "" #:size "60x15" #:fontsize "10" ;; #:expand "HORIZONTAL"
	  (vector-set! keyvec keynum labl)
	  (loop runnum (+ keynum 1) keyvec (cons labl res))))))
    ;; By here the hdrlst contains a list of vboxes containing nkeys labels
    (let loop ((runnum  0)
	       (testnum 0)
	       (testvec  (make-vector ntests))
	       (res    '()))
       ((>= runnum nruns) #f) ;;  (vector tableheader runsvec))
       ((>= testnum ntests) 
	(vector-set! runsvec runnum testvec)
	(set! bdylst (cons (apply iup:vbox (reverse res)) bdylst))
	(loop (+ runnum 1) 0 (make-vector ntests) '()))
	(let* ((button-key (mkstr runnum testnum))
	       (butn       (iup:button "" ;; button-key 
				       #:size "60x15" 
				       ;; #:expand "HORIZONTAL"
				       #:fontsize "10" 
				       #:action (lambda (x)
						  (examine-test button-key)))))
	  (hash-table-set! *buttondat* button-key (vector 0 "100 100 100" button-key #f #f)) 
	  (vector-set! testvec testnum butn)
	  (loop runnum (+ testnum 1) testvec (cons butn res))))))
    ;; now assemble the hdrlst and bdylst and kick off the dialog
      #:title "Megatest dashboard"
	(apply iup:hbox 
	       (cons (apply iup:vbox lftlst)
		       ;; the header
		       (apply iup:hbox (reverse hdrlst))
		       (apply iup:hbox (reverse bdylst))))))
    (vector lftcol header runsvec)))

(set! *num-tests* (max (update-rundat "%" *num-runs*) 8))

(set! uidat (make-dashboard-buttons *num-runs* *num-tests* dbkeys))
;; (megatest-dashboard)

(define (run-update other-thread)
  (let loop ((i 0))
    (thread-sleep! 0.1)
    (thread-suspend! other-thread)
    (update-rundat (hash-table-ref/default *searchpatts* "runname" "%") *num-runs*)
    (update-buttons uidat *num-runs* *num-tests*)
    (thread-resume! other-thread)
    (loop (+ i 1))))

(define th2 (make-thread iup:main-loop))
(define th1 (make-thread (run-update th2)))
(thread-start! th1)
(thread-start! th2)
(thread-join! th2)