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;; Copyright 2006-2011, Matthew Welland.
;;  This program is made available under the GNU GPL version 2.0 or
;;  greater. See the accompanying file COPYING for details.
;;  This program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the

;; launch a task - this runs on the originating host, tests themselves

(use regex regex-case base64 sqlite3 srfi-18)
(import (prefix base64 base64:))
(import (prefix sqlite3 sqlite3:))

(declare (unit launch))
(declare (uses common))
(declare (uses configf))
(declare (uses db))

(include "common_records.scm")
(include "key_records.scm")
(include "db_records.scm")

;; ezsteps

;; ezsteps were going to be coded as
;; stepname[,predstep1,predstep2 ...] [{VAR1=first,second,third}] command to execute
;;   BUT
;; now are
;; stepname {VAR=first,second,third ...} command ...
;; where the {VAR=first,second,third ...} is optional.

;; given an exit code and whether or not logpro was used calculate OK/BAD
;; return #t if we are ok, #f otherwise
(define (steprun-good? logpro exitcode)
  (or (eq? exitcode 0)
      (and logpro (eq? exitcode 2))))

(define (launch:execute encoded-cmd)
  (let* ((cmdinfo   (read (open-input-string (base64:base64-decode encoded-cmd)))))
    (setenv "MT_CMDINFO" encoded-cmd)
    (if (list? cmdinfo) ;; ((testpath /tmp/mrwellan/jazzmind/src/example_run/tests/sqlitespeed) (test-name sqlitespeed) (runscript runscript.rb) (db-host localhost) (run-id 1))
	(let* ((testpath  (assoc/default 'testpath  cmdinfo))
	       (work-area (assoc/default 'work-area cmdinfo))
	       (test-name (assoc/default 'test-name cmdinfo))
	       (runscript (assoc/default 'runscript cmdinfo))
	       (ezsteps   (assoc/default 'ezsteps   cmdinfo))
	       (db-host   (assoc/default 'db-host   cmdinfo))
	       (run-id    (assoc/default 'run-id    cmdinfo))
	       (itemdat   (assoc/default 'itemdat   cmdinfo))
	       (env-ovrd  (assoc/default 'env-ovrd  cmdinfo))
	       (set-vars  (assoc/default 'set-vars  cmdinfo)) ;; pre-overrides from -setvar
	       (runname   (assoc/default 'runname   cmdinfo))
	       (megatest  (assoc/default 'megatest  cmdinfo))
	       (mt-bindir-path (assoc/default 'mt-bindir-path cmdinfo))
	       (fullrunscript (if runscript (conc testpath "/" runscript) #f))
	       (db        #f)
	       (rollup-status 0))
	  (debug:print 2 "Exectuing " test-name " on " (get-host-name))
	  (change-directory testpath)
	  ;; apply pre-overrides before other variables. The pre-override vars must not
	  ;; clobbers things from the official sources such as megatest.config and runconfigs.config
	  (if (string? set-vars)
	      (let ((varpairs (string-split set-vars ",")))
		(debug:print 4 "varpairs: " varpairs)
		(map (lambda (varpair)
		       (let ((varval (string-split varpair "=")))
			 (if (eq? (length varval) 2)
			     (let ((var (car varval))
				   (val (cadr varval)))
			       (debug:print 1 "Adding pre-var/val " var " = " val " to the environment")
			       (setenv var val)))))
	  (setenv "MT_TEST_RUN_DIR" work-area)
	  (setenv "MT_TEST_NAME" test-name)
	  (setenv "MT_ITEM_INFO" (conc itemdat))
	  (setenv "MT_RUNNAME"   runname)
	  (setenv "MT_MEGATEST"  megatest)
	  (if mt-bindir-path (setenv "PATH" (conc (getenv "PATH") ":" mt-bindir-path)))
	  (if (not (setup-for-run))
		(debug:print 0 "Failed to setup, exiting") 
		(exit 1)))
	  ;; now can find our db
	  (set! db (open-db))
	  (set-megatest-env-vars db run-id) ;; these may be needed by the launching process
	  (change-directory work-area) 
	  (set-run-config-vars db run-id)
	  ;; environment overrides are done *before* the remaining critical envars.
	  (alist->env-vars env-ovrd)
	  (set-megatest-env-vars db run-id)
	  (set-item-env-vars itemdat)
	  (save-environment-as-files "megatest")
	  (test-set-meta-info db run-id test-name itemdat)
	  (test-set-status! db run-id test-name "REMOTEHOSTSTART" "n/a" itemdat (args:get-arg "-m") #f)
	  (if (args:get-arg "-xterm")
	      (set! fullrunscript "xterm")
	      (if (and fullrunscript (not (file-execute-access? fullrunscript)))
		  (system (conc "chmod ug+x " fullrunscript))))
	  ;; We are about to actually kick off the test
	  ;; so this is a good place to remove the records for 
	  ;; any previous runs
	  ;; (db:test-remove-steps db run-id testname itemdat)
	  ;; from here on out we will open and close the db
	  ;; on every access to reduce the probablitiy of 
	  ;; contention or stuck access on nfs.
	  (sqlite3:finalize! db)

	  (let* ((m            (make-mutex))
		 (kill-job?    #f)
		 (exit-info    (vector #t #t #t))
		 (job-thread   #f)
		 (runit        (lambda ()
				 ;; (let-values
				 ;;  (((pid exit-status exit-code)
				 ;;    (run-n-wait fullrunscript)))
				 ;; if there is a runscript do it first
				 (if fullrunscript
				     (let ((pid (process-run fullrunscript)))
				       (let loop ((i 0))
					  (((pid-val exit-status exit-code) (process-wait pid #t)))
					  (mutex-lock! m)
					  (vector-set! exit-info 0 pid)
					  (vector-set! exit-info 1 exit-status)
					  (vector-set! exit-info 2 exit-code)
					  (set! rollup-status exit-code) 
					  (mutex-unlock! m)
					  (if (eq? pid-val 0)
						(thread-sleep! 2)
						(loop (+ i 1)))
				 ;; then, if runscript ran ok (or did not get called)
				 ;; do all the ezsteps (if any)
				 (if ezsteps
				     (let* ((testconfig (read-config (conc work-area "/testconfig") #f #t environ-patt: "pre-launch-env-vars")) ;; FIXME??? is allow-system ok here?
					    (ezstepslst (hash-table-ref/default testconfig "ezsteps" '()))
					    (db         (open-db)))
				       (if (not (file-exists? ".ezsteps"))(create-directory ".ezsteps"))
				       ;; if ezsteps was defined then we are sure to have at least one step but check anyway
				       (if (not (> (length ezstepslst) 0))
					   (debug:print 0 "ERROR: ezsteps defined but ezstepslst is zero length")
					   (let loop ((ezstep (car ezstepslst))
						      (tal    (cdr ezstepslst))
						      (prevstep #f))
					     ;; check exit-info (vector-ref exit-info 1)
					     (if (vector-ref exit-info 1)
						 (let* ((stepname  (car ezstep))  ;; do stuff to run the step
							(stepinfo  (cadr ezstep))
							(stepparts (string-match (regexp "^(\\{([^\\}]*)\\}\\s*|)(.*)$") stepinfo))
							(stepparms (list-ref stepparts 2)) ;; for future use, {VAR=1,2,3}, run step for each 
							(stepcmd   (list-ref stepparts 3))
							(script    "") ; "#!/bin/bash\n") ;; yep, we depend on bin/bash FIXME!!!
							(logpro-used #f))
						   ;; NB// can safely assume we are in test-area directory
						   (debug:print 4 "ezsteps:\n stepname: " stepname " stepinfo: " stepinfo " stepparts: " stepparts
								" stepparms: " stepparms " stepcmd: " stepcmd)
						   (if (file-exists? (conc stepname ".logpro"))(set! logpro-used #t))

						   ;; ;; first source the previous environment
						   ;; (let ((prev-env (conc ".ezsteps/" prevstep (if (string-search (regexp "csh") 
						   ;;      							 (get-environment-variable "SHELL")) ".csh" ".sh"))))
						   ;;   (if (and prevstep (file-exists? prev-env))
						   ;;       (set! script (conc script "source " prev-env))))
						   ;; call the command using mt_ezstep
						   (set! script (conc "mt_ezstep " stepname " " (if prevstep prevstep "-") " " stepcmd))

						   (debug:print 4 "script: " script)

						   (teststep-set-status! db run-id test-name stepname "start" "-" itemdat #f #f)
						   ;; now launch
						   (let ((pid (process-run script)))
						     (let processloop ((i 0))
						       (let-values (((pid-val exit-status exit-code)(process-wait pid #t)))
								   (mutex-lock! m)
								   (vector-set! exit-info 0 pid)
								   (vector-set! exit-info 1 exit-status)
								   (vector-set! exit-info 2 exit-code)
								   (mutex-unlock! m)
								   (if (eq? pid-val 0)
									 (thread-sleep! 2)
									 (processloop (+ i 1))))
						     (teststep-set-status! db run-id test-name stepname "end" (vector-ref exit-info 2) itemdat #f (if logpro-used (conc stepname ".html") ""))
						     (if logpro-used
							 (test-set-log! db run-id test-name itemdat (conc stepname ".html")))
						     ;; set the test final status
						     (let* ((this-step-status (cond
									       ((and (eq? (vector-ref exit-info 2) 2) logpro-used) 'warn)
									       ((eq? (vector-ref exit-info 2) 0)                   'pass)
									       (else 'fail)))
							    (overall-status   (cond
									       ((eq? rollup-status 2) 'warn)
									       ((eq? rollup-status 0) 'pass)
									       (else 'fail)))
							    (next-status      (cond 
									       ((eq? overall-status 'pass) this-step-status)
									       ((eq? overall-status 'warn)
										(if (eq? this-step-status 'fail) 'fail 'warn))
									       (else 'fail))))
						       (debug:print 4 "Exit value received: " (vector-ref exit-info 2) " logpro-used: " logpro-used 
								    " this-step-status: " this-step-status " overall-status: " overall-status 
								    " next-status: " next-status " rollup-status: " rollup-status)
						       (case next-status
							  (set! rollup-status 2)
							  (test-set-status! db run-id test-name "COMPLETED" "WARN" itemdat 
									    (if (eq? this-step-status 'warn) "Logpro warning found" #f)
							  (test-set-status! db run-id test-name "COMPLETED" "PASS" itemdat #f #f))
							 (else ;; 'fail
							  (set! rollup-status 1) ;; force fail
							  (test-set-status! db run-id test-name "COMPLETED" "FAIL" itemdat (conc "Failed at step " stepname) #f)))))
						   (if (and (steprun-good? logpro-used (vector-ref exit-info 2))
							    (not (null? tal)))
						       (loop (car tal) (cdr tal) stepname)))
					     (debug:print 4 "WARNING: a prior step failed, stopping at " ezstep))))))))
		 (monitorjob   (lambda ()
				 (let* ((start-seconds (current-seconds))
					(calc-minutes  (lambda ()
					(kill-tries 0))
				   (let loop ((minutes   (calc-minutes)))
				     (let* ((db       (open-db))
					    (cpuload  (get-cpu-load))
					    (diskfree (get-df (current-directory)))
					    (tmpfree  (get-df "/tmp")))
				       (if (not cpuload)  (begin (debug:print 0 "WARNING: CPULOAD not found.")  (set! cpuload "n/a")))
				       (if (not diskfree) (begin (debug:print 0 "WARNING: DISKFREE not found.") (set! diskfree "n/a")))
				       (set! kill-job? (test-get-kill-request db run-id test-name itemdat))
				       (test-update-meta-info db run-id test-name itemdat minutes cpuload diskfree tmpfree)
				       (if kill-job? 
					     (mutex-lock! m)
					     (let* ((pid (vector-ref exit-info 0)))
					       (if (number? pid)
						     (debug:print 0 "WARNING: Request received to kill job (attempt # " kill-tries ")")
						     (let ((processes (cmd-run->list (conc "pgrep -l -P " pid))))
							(lambda (p)
							  (let* ((parts  (string-split p))
								 (p-id   (if (> (length parts) 0)
									     (string->number (car parts))
							    (if p-id
								  (debug:print 0 "Killing " (cadr parts) "; kill -9  " p-id)
								  (system (conc "kill -9 " p-id))))))
							(car processes))
						       (system (conc "kill -9 " pid))))
						     (debug:print 0 "WARNING: Request received to kill job but problem with process, attempting to kill manager process")
						     (test-set-status! db run-id test-name "KILLED"  "FAIL"
								       itemdat (args:get-arg "-m") #f)
						     (sqlite3:finalize! db)
						     (exit 1))))
					     (set! kill-tries (+ 1 kill-tries))
					     (mutex-unlock! m)))
				       (sqlite3:finalize! db)
				       (thread-sleep! (+ 8 (random 4))) ;; add some jitter to the call home time to spread out the db accesses
				       (loop (calc-minutes)))))))
		 (th1          (make-thread monitorjob))
		 (th2          (make-thread runit)))
	    (set! job-thread th2)
	    (thread-start! th1)
	    (thread-start! th2)
	    (thread-join! th2)
	    (mutex-lock! m)
	    (set! db (open-db))
	    (let* ((item-path (item-list->path itemdat))
		   (testinfo  (db:get-test-info db run-id test-name item-path)))
	      (if (not (equal? (db:test-get-state testinfo) "COMPLETED"))
		    (debug:print 2 "Test NOT logged as COMPLETED, (state=" (db:test-get-state testinfo) "), updating result, rollup-status is " rollup-status)
		    (test-set-status! db run-id test-name
				      (if kill-job? "KILLED" "COMPLETED")
				      ;; Old logic:
				      ;; (if (vector-ref exit-info 1) ;; look at the exit-status, #t means it at least ran
				      ;;     (if (and (not kill-job?) 
				      ;;         (eq? (vector-ref exit-info 2) 0)) ;; we can now use rollup-status instead
				      ;;         "PASS"
				      ;;         "FAIL")
				      ;;     "FAIL") 
				      ;; New logic based on rollup-status
				       ((not (vector-ref exit-info 1)) "FAIL") ;; job failed to run
				       ((eq? rollup-status 0) "PASS")
				       ((eq? rollup-status 1) "FAIL")
				       ((eq? rollup-status 2) "WARN")
				       (else "FAIL"))
				      itemdat (args:get-arg "-m") #f)))
	      ;; for automated creation of the rollup html file this is a good place...
	      (if (not (equal? item-path ""))
		  (tests:summarize-items db run-id test-name #f)) ;; don't force - just update if no
	    (mutex-unlock! m)
	    ;; (exec-results (cmd-run->list fullrunscript)) ;;  (list ">" (conc test-name "-run.log"))))
	    ;; (success      exec-results)) ;; (eq? (cadr exec-results) 0)))
	    (debug:print 2 "Output from running " fullrunscript ", pid " (vector-ref exit-info 0) " in work area " 
			 work-area ":\n====\n exit code " (vector-ref exit-info 2) "\n" "====\n")
	    (sqlite3:finalize! db)
	    (if (not (vector-ref exit-info 1))
		(exit 4)))))))

;; set up the very basics needed for doing anything here.
(define (setup-for-run)
  ;; would set values for KEYS in the environment here for better support of env-override but 
  ;; have chicken/egg scenario. need to read megatest.config then read it again. Going to 
  ;; pass on that idea for now.
  (set! *configinfo* (find-and-read-config (if (args:get-arg "-config")(args:get-arg "-config") "megatest.config") environ-patt: "env-override"))
  (set! *configdat*  (if (car *configinfo*)(car *configinfo*) #f))
  (set! *toppath*    (if (car *configinfo*)(cadr *configinfo*) #f))
  (if *toppath*
      (setenv "MT_RUN_AREA_HOME" *toppath*) ;; to be deprecated
      (debug:print 0 "ERROR: failed to find the top path to your run setup."))

(define (get-best-disk confdat)
  (let* ((disks    (hash-table-ref/default confdat "disks" #f))
	 (best     #f)
	 (bestsize 0))
    (if disks 
	 (lambda (disk-num)
	   (let* ((dirpath    (cadr (assoc disk-num disks)))
		  (freespc    (if (and (directory? dirpath)
				       (file-write-access? dirpath))
				  (get-df dirpath)
				    (debug:print 0 "WARNING: path " dirpath " in [disks] section not valid or writable")
	     (if (> freespc bestsize)
		   (set! best     dirpath)
		   (set! bestsize freespc)))))
	 (map car disks)))
    (if best
	  (debug:print 0 "ERROR: No valid disks found in megatest.config. Please add some to your [disks] section")
	  (exit 1)))))

(define (create-work-area db run-id test-path disk-path testname itemdat)
  (let* ((run-info (db:get-run-info db run-id))
	 (item-path (let ((ip (item-list->path itemdat)))
		      (if (equal? ip "") "" (conc "/" ip))))
	 (runname  (db:get-value-by-header (db:get-row run-info)
					   (db:get-header run-info)
	 (key-vals (get-key-vals db run-id))
	 (key-str  (string-intersperse key-vals "/"))
	 (dfullp   (conc disk-path "/" key-str "/" runname "/" testname
	 (toptest-path (conc disk-path "/" key-str "/" runname "/" testname))
	 (runsdir  (config-lookup *configdat* "setup" "runsdir"))
	 (lnkpath  (conc (if runsdir runsdir (conc *toppath* "/runs"))
			 "/" key-str "/" runname item-path)))
    ;; since this is an iterated test this is as good a place as any to
    ;; update the toptest record with its location rundir
    (if (not (equal? item-path ""))
	(db:test-set-rundir! db run-id testname "" toptest-path))
    (debug:print 2 "Setting up test run area")
    (debug:print 2 " - creating run area in " dfullp)
    (system  (conc "mkdir -p " dfullp))
    (debug:print 2 " - creating link from " dfullp "/" testname " to " lnkpath)
    (system  (conc "mkdir -p " lnkpath))

;; I suspect this section was deleting test directories under some 
;; wierd sitations

;;    (if (file-exists? (conc lnkpath "/" testname))
;;	(system (conc "rm -f " lnkpath "/" testname)))
    (system  (conc "ln -sf " dfullp " " lnkpath "/" testname))
    (if (directory? dfullp)
	  (let* ((cmd    (conc "rsync -av" (if (> *verbosity* 1) "" "q") " " test-path "/ " dfullp "/"))
		 (status (system cmd)))
	    (if (not (eq? status 0))
		(debug:print 2 "ERROR: problem with running \"" cmd "\"")))
	  (list dfullp toptest-path))
	(list #f #f))))

;; 1. look though disks list for disk with most space
;; 2. create run dir on disk, path name is meaningful
;; 3. create link from run dir to megatest runs area 
;; 4. remotely run the test on allocated host
;;    - could be ssh to host from hosts table (update regularly with load)
;;    - could be netbatch
;;      (launch-test db (cadr status) test-conf))
(define (launch-test db run-id runname test-conf keyvallst test-name test-path itemdat params)
  (change-directory *toppath*)
  (let ((useshell   (config-lookup *configdat* "jobtools"     "useshell"))
	(launcher   (config-lookup *configdat* "jobtools"     "launcher"))
	(runscript  (config-lookup test-conf   "setup"        "runscript"))
	(ezsteps    (> (length (hash-table-ref/default test-conf "ezsteps" '())) 0)) ;; don't send all the steps, could be big
	(diskspace  (config-lookup test-conf   "requirements" "diskspace"))
	(memory     (config-lookup test-conf   "requirements" "memory"))
	(hosts      (config-lookup *configdat* "jobtools"     "workhosts"))
	(remote-megatest (config-lookup *configdat* "setup" "executable"))
	;; FIXME SOMEDAY: not good how this is so obtuse, this hack is to 
	;;                allow running from dashboard 
	(local-megatest  (let* ((lm  (car (argv)))
				(dir (pathname-directory lm))
				(exe (pathname-strip-directory lm)))
			   (conc (if dir (conc dir "/") "")
				 (case (string->symbol exe)
				   ((dboard) "megatest")
				   ((dashboard) "megatest")
				   (else exe)))))
	(test-sig   (conc "=" test-name ":" (item-list->path itemdat) "=")) ;; test-path is the full path including the item-path
	(work-area  #f)
	(toptest-work-area #f) ;; for iterated tests the top test contains data relevant for all
	(diskpath   #f)
	(cmdparms   #f)
	(fullcmd    #f) ;; (define a (with-output-to-string (lambda ()(write x))))
	(mt-bindir-path #f))
    (if hosts (set! hosts (string-split hosts)))
    (if (not remote-megatest)(set! remote-megatest local-megatest)) ;; "megatest"))
    (set! mt-bindir-path (pathname-directory remote-megatest))
    (if launcher (set! launcher (string-split launcher)))
    ;; set up the run work area for this test
    (set! diskpath (get-best-disk *configdat*))
    (if diskpath
	(let ((dat  (create-work-area db run-id test-path diskpath test-name itemdat)))
	  (set! work-area (car dat))
	  (set! toptest-work-area (cadr dat)))
	  (set! work-area (conc test-path "/tmp_run"))
	  (create-directory work-area #t)
	  (debug:print 0 "WARNING: No disk work area specified - running in the test directory under tmp_run")))
    (set! cmdparms (base64:base64-encode (with-output-to-string
				    (lambda () ;; (list 'hosts     hosts)
				      (write (list (list 'testpath  test-path)
						   (list 'work-area work-area)
						   (list 'test-name test-name) 
						   (list 'runscript runscript) 
						   (list 'run-id    run-id   )
						   (list 'itemdat   itemdat  )
						   (list 'megatest  remote-megatest)
						   (list 'ezsteps   ezsteps) 
 						   (list 'env-ovrd  (hash-table-ref/default *configdat* "env-override" '())) 
						   (list 'set-vars  (if params (hash-table-ref/default params "-setvars" #f)))
						   (list 'runname   runname)
						   (list 'mt-bindir-path mt-bindir-path))))))) ;; (string-intersperse keyvallst " "))))
    ;; clean out step records from previous run if they exist
    (db:delete-test-step-records db run-id test-name itemdat)
    (change-directory work-area) ;; so that log files from the launch process don't clutter the test dir
     ((and launcher hosts) ;; must be using ssh hostname
      (set! fullcmd (append launcher (car hosts)(list remote-megatest test-sig "-execute" cmdparms))))
      (set! fullcmd (append launcher (list remote-megatest test-sig "-execute" cmdparms))))
      (if (not useshell)(debug:print 0 "WARNING: internal launching will not work well without \"useshell yes\" in your [jobtools] section"))
      (set! fullcmd (list remote-megatest test-sig "-execute" cmdparms (if useshell "&" "")))))
    (if (args:get-arg "-xterm")(set! fullcmd (append fullcmd (list "-xterm"))))
    (debug:print 1 "Launching megatest for test " test-name " in " work-area" ...")
    (test-set-status! db run-id test-name "LAUNCHED" "n/a" itemdat #f #f) ;; (if launch-results launch-results "FAILED"))
    ;; set 
    ;; set pre-launch-env-vars before launching, keep the vars in prevvals and put the envionment back when done
    (debug:print 4 "fullcmd: " fullcmd)
    (let* ((commonprevvals (alist->env-vars
			    (hash-table-ref/default *configdat* "env-override" '())))
	   (testprevvals   (alist->env-vars
			    (hash-table-ref/default test-conf "pre-launch-env-overrides" '())))
	   (miscprevvals   (alist->env-vars ;; consolidate this code with the code in megatest.scm for "-execute"
			    (append (list (list "MT_TEST_NAME" test-name)
					  (list "MT_ITEM_INFO" (conc itemdat)) 
					  (list "MT_RUNNAME"   runname))
	   (launch-results (apply cmd-run-proc-each-line
				  (if useshell
				      (string-intersperse fullcmd " ")
				      (car fullcmd))
				  (if useshell
				      (cdr fullcmd))))) ;;  launcher fullcmd)));; (apply cmd-run-proc-each-line launcher print fullcmd))) ;; (cmd-run->list fullcmd))
      (debug:print 2 "Launching completed, updating db")
      (debug:print 4 "Launch results: " launch-results)
      (if (not launch-results)
	    (print "ERROR: Failed to run " (string-intersperse fullcmd " ") ", exiting now")
	    (sqlite3:finalize! db)
	    ;; good ole "exit" seems not to work
	    ;; (_exit 9)
	    ;; but this hack will work! Thanks go to Alan Post of the Chicken email list
	    ;; NB// Is this still needed? Should be safe to go back to "exit" now?
	    (process-signal (current-process-id) signal/kill)
      (alist->env-vars miscprevvals)
      (alist->env-vars testprevvals)
      (alist->env-vars commonprevvals)