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Artifact 22f12ee837d77ff83866a7137e5467667fdff88e:

;; You should have at least one expect:required. This ensures that your process ran
(expect:required in "LogFileBody" > 0 "Put description here" #/put pattern here/)

;; You may need ignores to suppress false error or warning hits from the later expects
;; NOTE: Order is important here!
(expect:ignore   in "LogFileBody"  < 99 "Ignore the word error in comments" #/^\/\/.*error/)
(expect:warning  in "LogFileBody"  = 0 "Any warning" #/warn/)
(expect:error    in "LogFileBody"  = 0 "Any error"  (list #/ERROR/ #/error/)) ;; but disallow any other errors